Peppa Time!!Edit

Welcome to the Peppa Pig Canon Wiki! Here you can see all the latest canon things (and episodes) of anyone's favorite little pig:Peppa Pig!

Rules Edit

  1. No fan-edits or fan-art
  2. No swearzies-swearzies! This wiki is age-friendly and NOT adult!!
  3. This wiki gives copyrights to the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki and Nick Jr..
  4. Do we mean CREATE EPISODES AND CHARACTERS?! NO!!! Do NOT create episodes,characters and any other fan stuff! If you want to create some cracktastic episodes,go to the Peppa Pig Fan Wiki:peppapedia, and NOT THIS SITE!

"I'm Peppa Pig!"

Peppa Pig Card

Enjoy the craziness with Peppa ,George and ALL of their friends!

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