Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is one of the 4-main protagonists on the Peppa Pig show.She had a little brother called George Pig


  • Jumping in muddy puddles: Peppa's favorite game is jumping in muddy puddles. As shown in the episode The Talent Day, Peppa had decided to jump rope, sing and dance. But in the end, everyone had done what she wanted to do, and she came up with a great idea: show that "has talent" to jump muddy puddles.
  • Play with Puppets: Peppa likes playing with puppets, if he is a ferocious dinosaur. Chloe has a new puppet theater and she helps Peppa and George to make puppets. After lunch, we gathered a fun
    puppet show about a pig who snores a lot.
  • Dress Up: Peppa likes to dress up in dynamism, especially with her best friend named Susy Sheep, always play nurse and patient, but that sometimes does not let George play with Suzy for fear of losing their friendship.
  • Balloon Ride: A balloon ride on a calendar day would be very convenient for Peppa Pig. She likes long walks with her family in a balloon, indeed, if she wins it.
  • Friendship: Peppa has many friends, including Emily, Candy, Danny Pedro,Rebbeca and Zoe, but her best friend is Suzy Sheep. Not very friendly, but there is speculation that Pedro Pony likes the kiss occurred in the episode.
  • Sing: The maximum number of songs are sung by Peppa Pig, and sings very well. Lily Snowden-Fine could only sing the introduction and conclusion. Cecily Bloom folded some songs like "Big Balloon" and "Grandpa's Little Train" among others. Finally, Harley Bird turned most songs making the series have more plot through music.
  • Snort: Peppa snorts at the beggining and end of every episode.


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