George Pig


George Pig is one of the 4-main protagonists in Peppa Pig.He is Peppa's little brother.He owned a dinosaur called "Mr. Dinosaur".


The only thing that had George in the prenatal phase was eating and laughing. His grandparents, as shown in an episode, gave him a great toy that we see today in the series and is called Mr. Dinosaur. George may have eccentric behavior, as being the youngest in the Pig Family. It is very elated with her ​​older sister Peppa.George is annoyed by his big brother. He seems to cry the most out of the toddlers in the series and the longest.






  • His first word was Dinosaur.
  • He sometimes makes stuff into dinosaurs.
  • Out of the toddlers he cries the most.
  • He rarley speak in senteces and just say simple words like "dinosuar", "no", "why?" etc. He only spoke in a sentence in Edmond Elephant's Birthday when he said "Juice, please!".
  • He's a great ice skater. Revealed on "Ice Skating".
  • Due to his age, he can mispronounce words like "presto", "spaghetti", etc.